Poquito Wood Wallet

by 13 diciembre 2013

Para los amantes de las carteras “minimalistas” los chicos australianos de MADERA han creado Poquito Wood Wallet. Un mini billetero, tarjetero y hasta tiene un hueco especial para usarlo de monedero!

Mini billeteros de cuero cero, billetero de madera Poquito uno.

Poquito is the result of our search for the perfect slim wallet. Not able to find a wallet that lets us carry the
‘in-between’ coins, we decided to make Poquito. A front-pocket wallet that carries your essential: cash, cards,
and even coins. A little more than most, yet just enough to maintain a slim profile.

It is precision machined from one solid piece of wood – with a custom molded elastomer strap that securely
holds everything in place. Each and every Poquito wallet is hand polished, making it a pleasure to handle
all-day everyday.

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Posted by 13 diciembre 2013 Diseño Regalitos Wood