Twin Peaks Illustrated

by 21 diciembre 2013

by Martin Woutisseth

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music: silencio
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songs: A Dream in Blue, A Minor Montage, Cannibal’s Vamp

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Ever since completing my first animation, I wanted to do something with David Lynch’s filmography. So after finishing Breaking Bad illustrated last year, I focused on another one of my favorite TV series: Twin Peaks.
First step: there were many characters to draw, about twice the number of those in Breaking Bad! It took me around three months to recreate 33 characters. After that was done, I had to work on a big music festival event and soon after spent three months in Japan for personal and professional reasons. While In Tokyo, I worked 72 hours every week with no time left to work on Twin Peaks Illustrated. In July, I returned to France and had to find work to pay the bills, which delayed this personal project even more.

The universe of Twin Peaks is so rich that I always wanted to add more symbols, transitions, details… I based my character illustrations on pictures found on the Internet, and put them in a different backgrounds with different light. Kind of like the opening of The Simpsons, I wanted to introduce the viewer to the town of Twin Peaks and its residents by going from one place to another place with soft transitions, instead of the famous Twin Peaks opening titles.

I was feeling quite alone on this project, because I spent all my free time working on it, doing less social activities outside the house. Fortunately, I sent a mail to the community manager of the biggest and friendliest community of Twin Peaks fans: WelcomeToTwinPeaks. Pieter quickly showed his interest in this project and we started swapping ideas back and forth.

For the music, I originally wanted to work with Romain Trouillet (who did great work on my Stanley Kubrick and Tim Burton animations) but he was moving and starting university, so unfortunately, he didn’t have the time. Because Romain was unavailable to compose the score, Pieter introduced me to a band from Pittsburg playing wonderful music with a Twin Peaks mood: Silencio. I fell instantly in love with them from the first song I listened to, and bought their album on iTunes. Listening to the album over and over, I got inspired and motivated to finish this big project! The band leader of Silencio was happy to collaborate and he allowed me to use any of their songs! I would like to thank both of them!

From September until mid December, I worked on Twin Peaks Illustrated even harder than “Tokyo/Japanese style”: 12 hours every day with no day off. For the closing titles, instead of using a typical black background like my previous animations, I used an old idea to make it something more original!

Sometimes people comment on my illustrations that they’re just photos with an instant Photoshop filter applied to it. That’s not true. It takes hours to make them and portraits have between 100 to 250 layers! I wanted to show up how many layers I use in something more original and graphic design.

It seemed appropriate to launch Twin Peaks Illustrated on a “mirror” date: 21/12.

I would love to work more with cinema, illustration, animation, and make more title sequences. Feel free to contact me for about your projects! Thanks for reading.

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