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A fruitful combination between glass and textile. Innesti, is the italian word for grafting, a botanic technique used to join tissue from one plant with another, with the purpose of creating new varieties. Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri in their collaborative project, developed unique pieces that are mixtures of two very different materials: glass and textile. The outcomes combine contrasting properties: the hardness, fragility and coldness of glass, with the softness, coziness and warmness of textile.

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In order to explore how humans understand, perceive and interpret matter,
the designers have chosen to work with shapes and techniques that enhance
the sensorial features of the materials.

The alchemical artifacts came to life by exploring and merging together
processes coming from an ancient era: glass blowing, weaving and dyeing.

The project aims to enhance the voices of the materials and stimulate
an aesthetic experience that celebrates contrasts, knowledge and tradition.

A project by Alexandra Denton, Sweden and Sofia Lazzeri, Switzerland.


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