Six-Pack-O-Kubb by Lumburr

by 5 febrero 2014

Kubb is a traditional Swedish game that, put simply, involves throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood. It’s along the same lines of bocce and horseshoes. It’s great fun and generally involves beer drinking and trash talking.

The Six-Pack-O-Kubb is a re-design of the Swedish classic. More compact and lighter weight, it can be carried around town by bike or by hand. Everything fits neatly together to save space – the handle of the case is even used as one of the playing pieces. And it just so happens that it’s about the same size as the very familiar six-pack of beer.

Designed in Canada and inspired by Sweden, the sets are made by hand from local materials in Sudbury by some fine retired gentleman. The dowels are Canadian hardwood and the other playing pieces and case are made from cedar.

Six-Pack-O-Kubb by Lumburr

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