Spherical Harmonics

by 20 febrero 2014

Spherical Harmonics is about the strange power of the CGI image. It is a hermetically sealed fantasy, full of digitally created memories, counterfeit physics and controlled accidents. A place where reality fails because it’s too perfect, and where spectacular CGI setpieces are replaced with more introverted and complex fantasies – fantasies of the digital-artist-as-god, lost in uncanny valley.

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The film is was created in just six weeks and is currently exhibiting on ‘The Wall’ at The Photographers Gallery in London, an eight-screen HD array with a combined 3K+ resolution and an unusual aspect ratio. Spherical Harmonics sits stylistically at a halfway point between the glossy product displays of Oxford Street and the workhouse construction of Soho’s post production scene. It’s a fantasy under construction. It’s a play between glossy surface and behind-the-scenes complexity. It advertises beauty but undercuts that beauty in a way that suggests it’s unstable or subject to the whims of an invisible authorial force.

Directed and Animated by Alan Warburton
Soundtrack and Sound Design by Alan Warburton and Mustafa Bal
Commissioned by Animate Projects and The Photographers Gallery.


For more information, read an interview between Alan Warburton and Katrina Sluis, Digital Curator at the Photographers Gallery here: thephotographersgalleryblog.org.uk/2014/02/13/spherical-harmonics-alan-warburton-interviewed-by-katrina-sluis/

Or head on over to Animate Projects site and check out Adam Brown’s essay on Spherical Harmonics, here:

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