by 26 mayo 2014

Built to last, old school craftsmanship by Will Lisak of Etwas.

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Something modern, something simple, something pleasing, and something made to last for a really, really long time, that’s what Will Lisak creates for his line Etwas (meaning “something” in German). Will’s leather bags and accessories are well-designed, durable, and made completely by hand without using any electricity or plastics. Growing up on a farm in Western Pennsylvania, Will spent a lot of time in the woods and the idea of creating what they needed from the natural materials around them is deeply rooted in his mentality. Everything he creates is made from materials that are natural and sustainable. Since materials he uses do not require a lot of industrial processing, it means that each product that he makes has a unique personality and it’s designed to live and age gracefully over time. “There is poetry in the act of caring for or fixing a thing that you know will be with you forever, if only you love it enough” he says.

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