Kaleidoscopic by Maria Baoli

by 2 mayo 2014

La preciosa manera de viajar a dos dimensiones a la vez a través de un simple espejo triangular.

Kaleidoscope is a term derived from the Ancient Greek: kalos meaning “beauty”,eidos, which is form and skopeō, “to look to, to examine” hence “observation of beautiful forms”.

“In this serie I play with ordinary scenes where a mere mirror invites to enter different realities. It also questions the limits between public and private spheres: the mirror, an element traditionally belonging to an intimate space- such as the bathroom- is placed outdoors. On one hand this intervention enables to interact with the urban landscape and on the other hand the reflection on the mirror reveals an extension of the inside realm. It messes with the viewer’s preconceptions about ordinary places, thus, these spaces are a playground to experiment and transform the atmosphere with a simple object.”

Maria Baoli

vía lamono magazine

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