by 5 mayo 2014

Typography accessories by Soraia Balelo.

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Typies is a Barcelona based brand created by a Portuguese brain.

Founded in 2011, it is the result of several nights of spherical rainbow dreams where typography and beings came together to create Typies in the real world.

The Typies Momma and creator is Soraia Balelo. Designer by trade, Soraia spends her days in the magical world of Typies and unicorns, where patterns, colours and fabrics come together to create a playroom of marvel and wonder.

Typies are funny, happy little creatures that you can nuzzle up to on your sofa and watch TV with or rest on while having a marvellous dinner with friends. The best company on any occasion, everybody needs a Typie in their life!

T is for Typies. What’s yours?

TYPIES by Soraia Balelo