Jonathan Koshi

by 10 junio 2014

Las puertas dibujadas a grafito por Jonathan Koshi.

I explore the idea of pop culture iconography and place in my recent works of graphite on paper. This time I’ve focused on the tension between art, graffiti, vandalism, and architecture. In this series, I question tagging as vandalism with architectural drawings of tagged doors. I employ classic pencil drawing technique to capture the details of the tags and surrounding architecture to create a work of art where vandalism becomes an essential component of the piece.

I photographed the doors during a three-month period living in Brussels, Belgium. The doors in the series are from the cities where I lived and visited during this time, including Brussels, Rome, Florence, Paris, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen. The drawings became a way for me to engage with the environments around me, not only through observation and appreciation, but also through elevation and homage.

Jonathan Koshi

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