The Last Tribal Tattoo Artist

by 10 junio 2014

by Angelo Balanon.

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She’s unwittingly ending a tradition she’s not supposed to end. She’s doing so not by her choice but by the demands of our ever-changing society.

She is a woman who lives in a village on a mountaintop. She is a living frontier who is setting a border of distinction between two different dimensions of culture — of the past and of the present.

In Kalinga, the precolonial era used to be dominated by a culture that is, anytime soon, going to exit the door of existence. An old woman called Fang-od (or Whang-od, about 93 years old now) is the last person who keeps the exit door closed. She is a superhero in the sense that she is trying to save a tradition that can hardly find a space for general acceptance in the modern society.

Highlights of Kalinga, Philippines shoot for ABS-CBN Global shot September 2013
BISITA is an interstitial of The Filipino Channel(TFC)
By Angelo Balanon | X meets Y

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