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Chelsea is a Brooklyn based knife maker originally from Northern Vermont, she uses found materials such as horse shoe rasps and wood from her family’s farm in Vermont to craft her one of a kind knives. Chelsea has gained a broad knowledge of blacksmithing and woodworking from her father and often spends time in Vermont working alongside him. Chelsea’s inspiration stems from elements of surprise: textures and compounds which are suited for knife making but not necessarily intended for it.

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Chelsea Miller Knives is an exploration of familial tradition, ancient practice and imaginative reinvention. Chelsea grew up in rural Peacham, Vermont, the daughter of a blacksmith and carpenter. She moved to New York City in 2002 to enjoy a career in the arts, but in an attempt to connect with her ill father in 2010, she found both personal freedom and artistic expression through their knife making collaboration. Coached at first by her father and brother, then, later by skilled blade-smith Nick Anger of Johnson, Vermont, she began her trial and error journey designing and building these rustic, yet elegant knives.


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