The Interrupted Portrait of Oscar Pistorius

by 12 septiembre 2014

by Natalie Holland

Portrait painter Natalie Holland paints people that both inspire and provoke her. In 2010 she watched Athletics on the TV and got very visually fascinated by a character known as The Blade Runner, a double amputee aiming to be the first dissembled person to run in the regular Athletics in the Olympics games. After a their first meet Natalie quickly got consumed with Oscars remarkable story and his state of mind. This resulted in the portrait; “The Blade runner” from 2010. Natalie’s fascination with Pistorius was still growing even after the portrait was finished, resulting in a second portrait the same year( “Just Oscar” 2010)

At 2012 London Olympics Natalie watched Oscar from the stadium as he won the gold medal. This inspired her to paint a concluding portrait to the series, celebrating that Oscar had succeeded in reached his dream. Soon after she had started her initial work on the painting, she got the message, February 14th, that Oscar had shot and killed her girlfriend.

Normally, Natalie starts working with the background and then layer by layer, she develop her characters. However, her strong emotional connection made her deviate from her routine and start with the character, the face and the arm. Coincidentally, at the time of interruption the unfinished portriat told a powerful and tragic story of the faith of Oscar Pistorius. The strong emotional bond to the subject made Natalie unable to finish the painting. She remains raising the important the question if such crime also takes away everything Oscar had accomplished in his career.

Natalie Holland

Director/DP: Niels Windfeldt
Assitant director: Julie Stang
Sound design: Trond G. Hansen
Music: J Sigsworth


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