Vulkan Beehive

by 10 septiembre 2014

Los chicos noruegos del estudio arquitectura y diseño Snøhetta han creado unas llamativas y geométricas colmenas.

Bees are among the world’s most important food suppliers. One third of the world’s food production is depending on pollination, where bees play the largest role.

The Vulkan Bigård project at Mathallen is a partnership between Aspelin Ramm, Scandic, Sparebankstiftelsen DNB, ByBj Birøkterlag, Heier Du Rietz, and Snøhetta.

By creating these beehives, we bring more bees to the city. We want to give visitors information on how they can contribute to the environment, and create involvement around bees.

by Snøhetta

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