Meet your Microbes

by 14 octubre 2014

They’re on your tongue, under your armpits, in your guts and on your skin. In fact, any place you can think of there are microbes living on, under, or in between there. In their unimaginably large numbers, these micro-organisms determine our lives – even though we never see them. Micropia, the world’s first museum of micro-organisms (next to Artis Royal Zoo) in Amsterdam, reveals the invisible world of microbes.

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Dawn and Part of a Bigger Plan created a campaign and a film for Micropia – showing that there’s more to microbes than just viruses and fungi. You could even view microbes as friendly little critters: if only because they live on you in their trillions. So meet your microbes!

Directed by Bianca Pilet
Concept /creation: David Snellenberg (Dawn) Christian Borstlap (Part of a Bigger Plan)
Music: ‘Firewalker’ by Jungle Fire, courtesy of Ubiquity Records
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