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O by Cris Gris. La intensidad, el misterio, la provocación y la magia que produce un “simple” macro del cuerpo humano al desnudo.

O started as collaboration/documentation with P Magazine and transformed into a project of its own. P will be releasing a DVD with this piece alongside their second book called Warm.

O was also showed as part of Studio Acme’s video showcase at the Whyte hotel in NY & will be showing as an installation at Bargehouse gallery in London, UK this upcoming October.

O By Cris Gris

Director Of Photography: Sheldon Chau
Models: Coquis Valdes & Leo Ki
Gaffer: Bonny Chan
Music: Murcof
Produced By: Cristina Tamez & Carolina Tamez

P Magazine. Warm. The Second Book.

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