Maple Set Knives

by 4 diciembre 2014

Lo que en su momento fue un prototipo, ahora ya es una realidad. Maple Set Knives, un contraste de materiales hecho cuchillos.

With this project, Maple Set, we wanted to look at kitchen knives from a new perspective. We focused on the essence of a knife, that key component that people visualize when thinking about a knife. We isolated the blade as that defining component and designed around that as the highlight of the product. By reducing the size and visual weight of the blade it becomes this sliver of polish and refinement. From there we looked at other kitchen tools and felt that the warmth of a wood made for a great material. The stark contrast of materials works well to highlight the smaller blade and blend the body into its surroundings.

The project goal was to not only produce a beautiful product but to break the mold of traditional thinking on everyday products; to get people to think differently about what they see around them and how they see it. And with this project we believe we have succeeded in breaking that mold.


Posted by 4 diciembre 2014 Decoración Diseño Wood