Lxury – Square 1 feat. Deptford Goth

by 30 enero 2015

Genial videoclip creado por Mau Morgó en el que podemos ver unas manos representando una hipnótica danza ritual.

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“Simple vision, with a simple life. 
That’s why I ghosted you. 

There is nothing simpler than body language.

I’ve been reading and researching a lot about rituals, specially in Africa and old Mesopotamia.

And I was quite amazed when I discovered the African ritual funeral dances. They explain so many things only through dance. In particular the Dogon funeral ritual, I’ve used this ritual as a narrative inspiration.

The music video starts with a presentation of the characters you will find, as if they where wooden african statues in a dark museum. Later on the ritual starts, the dance
begins. The right hands represent the ones that are alive, they dance with the dead (left hands) to guide them to a better place. Following the story I’ve represented an epic battle between them, at the end we can see how they just merge into one and disappear, the ritual has finished, everyone is in his place.

I know it sounds a bit crazy but this is the way I find inspiration. I’m quite obsessed with alternative beliefs and religions, specially with the ones you find in Africa and old Mesopotamia, there is so much to learn from them, and is always a good idea getting inspiration from these places, you will end a project knowing a lot about things you would never imagine, it all depends how deep you want to go.”

by Mau Morgó

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