A Very Short Film

by 19 febrero 2015

A Very Short Film is a film by Vallée Duhamel that follows the journey of a girl in a yellow dress as she enters a strange world.

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Directors & Visual Concept : Julien Vallée & Eve Duhamel (Vallée Duhamel)
Music : Monstruosity, by KROY
All visual effects : SHED
Additional matte painting : Moika Sabourin
Director of photography : Simon Duhamel
Art Direction : Jean-Constant Guigue, Olivier Charland, Thomas Salaun, Charlotte Ratel, Rachel Knoll
Grip : Stéphane Klopp
Light : Hugo Roy
Assist cam : Antony Huneault
Stylist : Izabel Soucy
Dresser : Valéry Brousseau
Talent : Camille Poliquin, Myriam Garneau, Eve Duhamel, Julien Vallée
Assistant Director : Karine Lamontagne
Coordinator : Faye Duhamel

Link to music track by Kroy : soundcloud.com/kroy-2/monstrosity-1


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