iPad Cover by Alexandre Echasseriau

by 30 marzo 2015

An iPad keyboard and cover, born of a triangulation composed of a leather worker (embosser), a hacker team and conductive ink. The object is born from the desire to incorporate the printed circuit board into the depth of the leather to sustain the electrical connections. With the tattooer Jéremy Lorenzato, we experiment to tattoo the conductive ink is directly in the thickness of the leather. Well actually the manual tattooing has been replaced by a system called Tatoué.

Behind this system is Appropriate Audiences – Pierre Emm & Johan Da Silveira & Piotr Widelka. This trio of designer-hackers hijacked a 3D printer to create a tattoo machine.Their machine allows full control of the injections of paint and it can keep to the hundredth of a millimeter! This circuit transmits the electric signal from the keyboard to the Ipad through a miniature Bluethooth transmitting antenna. The shape of the cover and the keyboard is done in one step, using the embossing techniques.

iPad Cover

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