Fact Non Fact

by 30 marzo 2015

Fact non Fact is a project brand by independent designers exploring in industrial design and crafts field. The inspirations from fact + conceptualization by designer’s insights become reinterpreted processes covering fantasy and reality.

B-fit is a group project of “Fact non Fact” exploring essential elements of object: material, form and composition and is of a new interpretation of the principle. There are various objects fall in certain position under regular categories respectively, but B-fit is to break this sense of equilibrium and it is to arouse natural enjoyment from simple innocence. The role of material is no longer limited by means of design and expands the meaning of object as revealing the essential qualities and the beauty of materials.

In this collection, being away from a limited role for function, each form of objects represents simplicity and purity of basic geometrical figures. There are original colors and textures of 9 different materials: iron, brass, plaster, terracotta, marble, wood, glass and concrete that fit together; it opens up infinite possibilities for varied assemblage.


Posted by 30 marzo 2015 Decoración Diseño Geometric love