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by 3 marzo 2015

Os quedan 12 días para enviar vuestros lápices personalizados y formar parte del bestial proyecto “Line Segments” que han preparado BooooooomTangible Interaction para el festival IAM. Se trata de una escultura “colaborativa” formada por lápices de todo el mundo. Tienes que formar parte de ella, lo sabes!

Booooooom and Tangible Interaction are working to build a collaborative sculpture in Barcelona for the IAM INTERNET festival. They’re using 3D-printed connectors to build a sculpture out of pencils mailed in from around the world.


1. Get a new or used pencil. The pencil can be round or hexagonal but should be standard width (if the pencil is too thick it will not fit our connectors) .
2. Use felts, paint, x-acto knife, whatever you want to decorate/personalize it. Include your name and city somewhere on it.
3. Photograph yourself holding your pencil. This part is optional but we would love to have a gallery of portraits of all the contributors.
4. Email your photo to: with your NAME and CITY.
5. Mail your pencil (you can send as many as you like) to:

Tangible Interaction
304 – 1000 Parker Street
Vancouver BC V6A 2H2


Imperfect Future
Attn: Andres Colmenares
Carrer Sant Gervasi de Cassoles 37
6-3. 08022, Barcelona, Spain

Deadline for pencils is March 16th.

Tangible Interaction

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