Stainless by Adam Magyar

by 3 marzo 2015

La cámara súper lenta en los vídeos de Adam Magyar consigue que las escenas urbanas más comunes de cualquier ciudad se transformen en pura poesía visual.

Stainless is elegance found in the commonest of urban scenes, my fascination in the high-tech devices of our time and obsession for the values of traditional photography. I grabbed a high-speed quality control camera used in mass production for capturing fast-moving objects and put it into a human context to speak about our urban world and people living an urban life.

Subway networks are the arteries of a city with people flowing by in them, getting ready to release their energy in bringing their city to life. Through these temporary groups of passengers brought together by chance into the same carriage, I wonder at our transiency, see people immersed in their thoughts, but avoiding to reveal anything about themselves, remaining stainless to the curious eye. The subways seem just as stainless as their passengers.

The subway trains seemingly suspended in the tunnel are in fact just pulling in at stunning speed to the station. I could capture them moving with machine vision slit camera that also enables me to achieve complete objectivity, and let light get evenly distributed on the carriages, adding an unearthly glow to this urban underworld.


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