Caruma by Eneida Tavares

by 8 abril 2015

The ceramics and basketry have walked side by side without really crossing each other. In this context arises Caruma, a series of vessels, containers, formed by a mixed technique – earthenware and basketry – demonstrating the possible relationship between two different construction fields, creating a relationship of dependency between them.

On the one hand the earthenware with a strong tradition in the specific context in which the project was carried out (Caldas da Rainha, PT) and on the other the Angolan basketry – where part of my roots come from – particularly the sewed coiling technique. This two materials create a relationship that is familiar to us; basketry that is lasting to the daily scale, earthenware that is the historical range. It is intended the intercultural dialogue that mixes closeness to what is far away.


Posted by 8 abril 2015 Cerámica Decoración Mimbre