BERETTA — “Human Technology”

by 13 mayo 2015

Human Technology is an artistic short movie celebrating the uniqueness and the distinction of every Beretta premium gun. This movie by Ancarani Studio, under the creative direction of Paola Manfrin, reveals through the minutia of the manufacturing process, the genesis of a luxury Beretta shotgun. A poetic journey through sterile robotic rooms is blended with five centuries of Beretta’s history, culminating in the final assembly by the gunsmith, ever the wise guardian of the art of manufacturing.

A film by Angarani Studio
Cinematography by Mauro Chiaerllo
Creative Director

Musical composer Bartolomeo Sailer
Edited by Dario Lotti, Bunkerville-BKVE
Sound design by Mirko Fabbri
Produced by ART+VIBES
Producer Max Brun
Line producer Teresa Antonioni
Production manager Michele Virgilio

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