Fasted by Studio Dessuant Bone

by 25 mayo 2015

La preciosa vajilla “no funcional” de la cual solamente vemos su volumen. Creada por el Studio Dessuant Bone.

Studio Dessuant Bone presents ‘Fasted’ a family of tableware fasted of their functions. We have created a set of non functional tableware and focused on their representation, producing a drawing in volume made of blue metal wire. This dinner scene is framed by a brushed brass circle. ‘Fasted’ questions the links between objects surrounding us and their representation.

Fasted is part of the exhibition ‘A Stomaco Vuoto’ curated by DWA Studio. Studio Dessuant Bone was invited along with other designers and artists to produce objects, words and projects based on the theme of fasting.”


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Posted by 25 mayo 2015 Decoración Diseño