Trajectories 2 . Art Installation by Greg Barth

by 12 mayo 2015

A projection mapping based installation created for Chromatic 2015 at La cite Mode et Design in Paris.

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Using Grolsch 400 years of creativity that consists of freezing a series of actions in time physically before animating each object sequentially through projection mapping, opposing players dialogue through a series of racket exchanges that intensifies to the point of no return.

Trajectories 2 is both a frenetic and serene piece, a delicate hommage to time, evocative of our memories and our contemporary anxiety, or how we choose to subdue ourselves to it’s relentless rhythm.

The effect while on site is hypnotic, surreal, as we really feel the presence of the two players battling it out. A 2d animation that is given life and depth, Trajectories 2 was a big success in Paris, with even the previous mayor of Paris gracing it with his presence.

Created by Greg Barth

Sound design by Vittorio Giampietro

Build and logistics by Max Halstead

Curated by Massivart

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