Hugo in Garden

by | 25 octubre 2016

Hugo in Garden

by 25 octubre 2016

Hugo in Garden” is a serie of 3D sculptures by Six N. Five, a young contemporary art duo (Andy Reisinger and Ezequiel Pini) inspired by Eze Matteo sketches.

Here we explore how artificial common materials work into an organic atmosphere. Some polyurethane foam creating a kind of creeper or some machine knitted wool growing around a plastic bonsai.

hugo-in-garden_02 hugo-in-garden_03 hugo-in-garden_04 hugo-in-garden_05 hugo-in-garden_06 hugo-in-garden_07 hugo-in-garden_08 hugo-in-garden_09 hugo-in-garden_10

2D Illustrations: Eze Matteo
3D Sculptures: Six N. Five

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