Kristiane Kegelmann

by 18 octubre 2016

Kristiane Kegelmann se suma a la moda de transformar la repostería en arte.

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Photos by Caroline Prange

As a food designer i am questioning and reinterpreting the settled concept of the classical patisserie. do we always have to consume desserts the same way? why do they all look the same? during my work process i confront myself with exactly those questions. a synergy between colours, shapes, graphic patterns and organic elements develops during each conception and conversion of the pastry sculptures and installations. inspired by the sujets of specific events or commissions i am evolving the individual creation. alongside the appearance i am also experimenting with the contents of these objects. due to personal experiences with food allergies i aim to let people both with and without such restrictions partake in the rich duality of experiencing such cakes with both their eyes and paletes.

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