Running Lights

by 25 octubre 2016

De momento sólo podremos disfrutar del desarrollo de personajes de “Running Lights“, un futuro corto de animación dirigido por Gediminas Šiaulys, pero queda claro que va a ser muy muy bonito. Muchas ganas que llegue su estreno!

“Running Lights” is a short animated film produced by PetPunk in association with BFX CGI. It is a sad, but bright and hopeful fairy-tale for our children – a fantastic and picturesque answer to the question, which sooner or later will be asked:
– What … is … death?

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Running Lights – A short animated film about the eternal, never-ending miracle of life and death.

“Running Lights” is a short animated film produced by cooperation of two leading Lithuania’s visual production studios, PetPunk and Okta.

The film employs ambitious contemporary 3D computer graphics to tell the story in an emotionally captivating and artistically unique environment.

“Running Lights” aims for the highest production value in the history of independent Lithuania’s animation. Currently it is partially funded by the Lithuanian Film Centre and private investments of production partners and the rest is planned to be backed up through the crowdfunding campaign.

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