by 22 noviembre 2016

LRNCE is a Belgian fashion label based in Marrakech. The label was founded in 2013 by Laurence Leenaert. Her work is inspired by the cults and rituals of tribes. LRNCE aimes to show a sense of cultural influences of traditional handcraft reflecting on a contemporary outlook of a mix between both worlds aesthetics.

lrnce_02 lrnce_03 lrnce_04 lrnce_05 lrnce_06 lrnce_07 lrnce_08 lrnce_09 lrnce_10 lrnce_11 lrnce_12 lrnce_13 lrnce_14 lrnce_15 lrnce_16 lrnce_17 lrnce_18 lrnce_19

Photos by Laurence Leenaert

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