by 26 noviembre 2016

Here, in a galaxy far far away from IKEA you´ll find Oners. Unique artefacts made to be used in everyday life. It is a scientifically proven that surrounding yourselves with beautiful objects is a good thing, and now there is Oners. Objects made one of a kind with people getting decent pay for their labour and love.

The concept of Oners is created by Lilit Asiryan, concept designer and object maker. Lilit wanted to build a soulspot for herself and others believing in the thought of art as a transportive and bettering idea.

oners_02 oners_03 oners_04 oners_05 oners_13oners_06 oners_07 oners_08 oners_09 oners_10 oners_11 oners_12

Photos by Julia Tatarchenko

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