Parallel World

by 10 noviembre 2016

Stills of places in Japan and East Asia existing somehow parallel to reality of the rest of the world. Photos by Jan Vranovský, architect, designer and photographer.

parallel-world_02 parallel-world_03 parallel-world_04 parallel-world_05 parallel-world_06 parallel-world_07 parallel-world_08 parallel-world_09 parallel-world_10 parallel-world_11 parallel-world_12 parallel-world_13 parallel-world_14 parallel-world_15 parallel-world_16 parallel-world_17 parallel-world_18 parallel-world_19 parallel-world_20 parallel-world_21

Photography of man-made, synthetic and thus culturally significant environments, heavily focused on architecture and urban areas of Japan and East Asia. More specifically, focus of this photoblog lays in capturing cultural patterns unwittingly occurring in mundane, often neglected or less known urban areas, no-name, local or vernacular architecture and customs, in search for the “lowest common denominator” of architectural and behavioural Japanese-ness. I’m greatly concerned about role of cultural memory and identity in form-generative and organisational processes in the city. I’m interested in capturing aesthetics that are usual by-product of such processes.

About author:

Jan Vranovský, born 1986 in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic). Studied Japanese studies in Prague, Czech Republic; Architecture in Liberec, Czech Republic (undergrad); and currently Architecture and Urban Design in Tokyo, Japan (graduate). Specialised in graphic design, typography, architecture and photography.

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