by Fantasaraxia & Serial Cut™

by | 30 noviembre 2016


by 30 noviembre 2016

De la unión de Serial Cut™Fantasaraxia (aka Boldtron) no podía salir otra cosa que una auténtica maravilla.


This exciting project has been one of the most challenging and complex in the last months. The original organic shapes created by Fantasaraxia came to life by a series of motion pieces and stills, dividing the project in three parts: “Sweeepz” (a series of these shapes under a meccano bondage structure) “AstroXYZ” (a more astronomical feel for a 360o video with a soundtrack by YDVST) and “Offfpener” (the motion piece created ad-hoc for the Antwerp OFFFByNight talk where these shapes morph along the music from YLXR).

sweeepz_03 sweeepz_04 sweeepz_05 sweeepz_06 sweeepz_07 sweeepz_08

sweeepz_09 sweeepz_10 sweeepz_11 sweeepz_12 sweeepz_13 sweeepz_14 sweeepz_15 sweeepz_16 sweeepz_18

sweeepz_19 sweeepz_20 sweeepz_21 sweeepz_22 sweeepz_23 sweeepz_24

Fantasaraxia by Boldtron en ARTNAU

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