Bonnie M. Smith

by 3 enero 2017

Hagamos un repaso a la obra de artista americana Bonnie M. Smith con sus particulares y geniales figuras de cerámica.

In my work I am exploring the materials, and I am exploring myself. In life and in art I am drawn to small and intimate things, to the strange, the wounded, the outcast, the mystical and mysterious, the hidden parts and pieces.

bonnie-m-smith_02 bonnie-m-smith_03 bonnie-m-smith_04 bonnie-m-smith_05 bonnie-m-smith_06 bonnie-m-smith_07 bonnie-m-smith_08 bonnie-m-smith_09 bonnie-m-smith_10 bonnie-m-smith_11 bonnie-m-smith_12 bonnie-m-smith_13 bonnie-m-smith_14 bonnie-m-smith_15 bonnie-m-smith_16 bonnie-m-smith_17 bonnie-m-smith_18 bonnie-m-smith_19 bonnie-m-smith_20 bonnie-m-smith_21 bonnie-m-smith_22 bonnie-m-smith_23 bonnie-m-smith_24 bonnie-m-smith_25 bonnie-m-smith_26 bonnie-m-smith_27 bonnie-m-smith_28 bonnie-m-smith_29 bonnie-m-smith_30 bonnie-m-smith_31 bonnie-m-smith_32 bonnie-m-smith_33

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