Insecure Asian Girls by Debby WU

by 8 febrero 2017

En el proyecto “Insecure Asian Girls” de la artista Debby WU (aka Debby W∞), retrata a cuatro instagramers que ella sigue pero de una manera muy muy original. Las dibuja a ellas junto a sus escritorios del ordenador.

This is a collab project I work with four girls I’ve been following on instagram, include: John Yuyi (Taiwan), Chen Xue (China), Ju Ho (Taiwan), Lauren Tsai (Japan).

I gave them a list of questions about how they feel in the current relationship, and how easy they feel insecure in the love relationship and so on, and use their answers as elements and inspiration to finish the illustration.

debby-wu_02 debby-wu_03 debby-wu_04

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