Laura Zalenga

by 5 febrero 2017

Disfrutemos de las preciosas fotografías que hace Laura Zalenga.

Laura is a 1990 born [self-]portrait-artist from Southern Germany. Besides photographing projects she has been teaching workshops, giving inspirational talks and travelled to photography meet-ups around the world. It’s her clear visual language, the power of telling stories and showing raw, honest emotions in her photographs that makes her work stand out.
She is convinced that photography is a type of therapy that gives you the ability to heal yourself and others.

laura-zalenga_02 laura-zalenga_03 laura-zalenga_04 laura-zalenga_05 laura-zalenga_06 laura-zalenga_07 laura-zalenga_08 laura-zalenga_09 laura-zalenga_10 laura-zalenga_11 laura-zalenga_12 laura-zalenga_13 laura-zalenga_14 laura-zalenga_15 laura-zalenga_16 laura-zalenga_17

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