Paola Vilas

by 12 febrero 2017

Handcrafted artisan jewelry made in Brazil by Paola Vilas.

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Graduated in Design at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro Rio, Paola developed an authorial project following her passion for art and jewelry.

It’s back during 2012, summer course at the Central Saint Martins that the designer has truly embraced her visual and conceptual identity, reflecting a creative and inventive way to see the world.

Mixing different techniques such as collages and watercolor, Paola’s world is largely influence by Classical art and the 20’s.

In Rio de Janeiro where she has been born and raised, Paola Vilas has managed to flaunt her potential being renowned both as a designer and consultant for important publications and well established international fashion brands.
Her keen eye and rich iconographic background led her to collaborate with VOGUE, AMSTERDAN SAUER, SCHUTZ and more recently l’Eau de Rio.

Each piece is formed in concert with a design philosophy informed by experimental and sculpturally daring, bold minimalism and special execution.

Timeless in nature as « objet de curiosité », Paola’s designs are vivid, yet made to gracefully adorn the shape of every women’s assets.

The pieces are handmade in Brazil by the best ateliers and are available in silver, vermeil and 18 carat gold.

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