The British East India Company by Porshz

by 7 febrero 2017

The designer Atthakrisna Vannason picks up the story of the colonization of Europeans timeline, by spotlighting on British colonialism in India an inspiration.

The designer sees the integration and exchange of ideas and culture which refect during the colonization had beened through the symbol of Christianity for British, and Hindu for Indian. The collection represents the symbol of how people respected and believed in God. The form and materials of traditional Indian jewelry are sphere, pearls, crystals and metal combined with other materials reflecting the advance technology of the Western world speading into India.

To create fashion accessories for unisex, the designer chooses Krishna and his wife, Rada, (the incarnation of the Hindu god) strapping to tell the narrative of unisext jewelry SS17 collection, he aims to portray the harmony of materialism penetrating into the world of Idealism when the time of East meets West and technology meets beliefs.

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