by 30 mayo 2017

This film pays tribute to Eric Zwijnenberg daily craft and his longstanding passion for the 250 year old polder mill.

1953 marked the life of Eric Zwijnenberg and the Wimmenumermolen.

That year, Eric’s parents rented the disused polder mill as a holiday retreat in Noord Holland. The old drainage mill had been decommissioned and abandoned and seemed perfect for summer living. After two years of renting, the Zwijnenbergs, a family with no milling tradition to speak of, decided to buy the windmill from the local water board, and Eric’s fascination for it grew as the years went by. Eventually a restoration project brought the windmill back to life, and Eric’s fate was sealed. He learned to operate the mill and quickly grew enamoured of the job. He has worked as a voluntary miller ever since, dedicating his life to preserving and operating the Wimmenumermolen.

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