Esteban Ocampo Giraldo

by 12 junio 2017

Hagamos un vistazo a la preciosa obra del artista colombiano Esteban Ocampo Giraldo.

How many times have I played soccer in my life? Seen my parents lying in bed on a Sunday morning? Played ping-pong during school recess? Partied with friends at someone’s beach house? I started painting an idea: the feeling of repeated experiences, which are always different in their own way, condensed into one image.

Combining visual references from life and photographs, and using my imagination, I recreate my memories and everyday experiences as they feel and look inside my head. My paintings can’t be placed in a particular day, month or year of my life, nor can they be understood as a literal, recognizable moment.

As a Colombian raised in the digital age, I was constantly exposed to American culture visually, musically, and historically through the Internet and television. My upbringing as an artist has also always been colored by Western art history and imagery. My work is an amalgam of those influences and my Colombian lifestyle and personal experiences. It looks nothing at all like typical ‘Colombian-looking’ paintings, but instead strongly reflects this cross-cultural influence.

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