Magnitude Rituals

by 13 junio 2017

Magnitude Rituals is an image of praying that no earthquake will happen in Korea. The former Korean peninsula country, which was a farming country, had a ritual to pray for rain in the sky every drought season. In this regard, this work by Dong Hyun Lee expresses a sacrifice to wish an earthquake not to happen. The image consists of two frames. The image on the left represents the progress of the ritual, and the image on the right represents the situation where the value of the graph representing the earthquake converges to zero and the process of the earthquake is reversed.

The earthquake of M5.8, the largest on the Korean Peninsula, occurred in Korea, which was called the “Earthquake Safety Zone,” in 2016. Gyeongju City suffered a great deal of damage due to the ineffectiveness of the Korean government and the insecurity of safety. By the year 2017, there have been about 500 earthquakes, and Koreans are living in fear of an earthquake that will happen anytime soon.

What I wanted to pursue in my work was the communication of messages in contrast to Korean tradition and shamanic images and sophisticated mathematical graphics. On the surface, it is an image that seems to have nothing to do with each other, but as the ritual process progresses, it expresses that the figure indicating the earthquake in the graph is stopping, so that the audience can appreciate the image and slowly understand it.

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