VR BLUBS by Vincent Schwenk

by 9 enero 2018

Los artistas 3D ahora tienen una herramienta brutal gracias a las gafas VR. Pueden ir un paso más allá y sumergir su talento dentro de un entorno virtual y crear maravillas como las que ha hecho Vincent Schwenk en su serie llamada VR Blubs.

A few weeks ago I bought myself an Oculus. I was really interested in creating 3D content with Occulus Medium. So far I am really amazed with the intuitive workflow. I found some nice workflows to easy continue working with the models in Cinema 4D. Everything is rendered with Redshift. Most of them have only one shader which is randomised with triplanar texture offset and vertext colormaps.

Posted by 9 enero 2018 3D Escultura