Vulkan Beehive

Los chicos noruegos del estudio arquitectura y diseño Snøhetta han creado unas llamativas y geométricas colmenas.


Photographic installation by Renate Buser at the Bellelay Abbey Foundation.


Cardboard sculpture by Nina Lindgren.



From his early childhood, Simmonds was fascinated by stone buildings, an affection that flows into his artworks, where stone architecture is used as a central theme. Particularly the medieval architecture, with its striving to get to a new sophistication of space, comes alive in the marble. Simmonds makes a play of architecture and ornamentation on a small scale, but the spaces created give the same feeling as in the buildings themselves; a place to rest, a place to travel with the eye and maybe find a moment of tranquillity. The marble is opened up, and inside is a space within a building that only exists in the viewer’s mind. What you sense is the significance of space.

Jonathan Koshi

Las puertas dibujadas a grafito por Jonathan Koshi.

Geometrías compartidas . Barcelona – Santiago de Chile

La obra de la artista chilena María Aparicio Puentes que mezcla en sus collages arquitectura y figuras geométricas bordadas.


ScanLAB Projects are the UK’s leading provider of large scale 3D scanning, capturing precise, beautiful digital replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events.


Las increíbles ciudades dibujados hasta el más mínimo detalle por Ben Sack.

Chameleon Cabin

This corrugated paper cabin designed by architect Mattias Lind is printed to resemble black marble on one side of the folds and white marble on the other so it looks different from either.

LANDED by Ian Strange

Impresionante instalación de Ian Strange para la Bienal de Arte 2014 de Australia.

Tran Nguyen

Las bonitas gigantas de Tran Nguyen.

Roxy Paine

El artista Roxy Paine lleva los dioramas a otro nivel. Si la sala de control a tamaño real, con todos los detalles posibles es espectacular, el restaurante de comida rápida hecho al 100% de madera nos deja sin palabras. Bestial.

Walking City

Architecture + Evolution + Movement

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.

Patric Dreier

Los volátiles montajes fotográficos de Patric Dreier.

Víctor Enrich

A mixed media of real life architecture photography and advanced computer graphic techinques.

The ships that sail through the clouds

Every now and then it happens that ships are so light that they begin to sail through the clouds. An account of the poetic work of Luigi Prina.

Toby Melville-Brown

Los dibujos hiperdetallados de Toby Melville-Brown llegan hasta el último detalle de sus fantasiosas arquitecturas o para recrearse hasta el más mínimo encaje y patrones de la delicada lencería de Agent Provocateur.


“I wanted to combine completely different designs that are necessary to each other. Human design and Architecture structures. An example I had threw the making of this film was a giant rocket all round and pointy being attached to a rocket metalic launcher. Very different designs but both need each other to make sense until they separate”.

Benjamin Seroussi

Daniel van der Noon

Las detalladas y divertidas ilustraciones de paisajes urbanos de Daniel van der Noon.

Pointless Diagrams

Los preciosos y sin sentido garabatos y bocetos 3D de Josh Lewandowski.

Heather Kocsis

Heather Kocsis is a Toronto-area artist who creates three dimensional assemblages depicting architectural elements.

“Géométrie de l’impossible” by Fanette Guilloud

Preciosas anamorfosis realizadas e integradas sobre paredes de lugares abandonados por la fotógrafa y artista francesa Fanette Guilloud.

Khôra by Macula

Mapping installation by Macula during 4 days festival in Torun, Poland.

Architecture of Densitiy by Michael Wolf

Las impresionantes fotografías de Michael Wolf.

Paul Madonna . All Over Coffee

Paul Madonna writes and draws the weekly series All Over Coffee, that it’s a comic strip without the comic.

City Screenprints

Silk screenprints inspired by the Cities of the world by me&him&you.

HUGUET . “Our world is the world”

La ilusión y el buen rollo que transmite Biel Huguet en este vídeo, hace que entendamos rápidamente el porqué una empresa tan especializada pero que a la vez no quiere estancarse en un solo producto, que apuesta totalmente por lo artesanal, funciona tan bien y hace un producto tan genial.

Y yo, enamorado hasta la médula del mosaico hidráulico, ya se quien me va a hacer todos los suelos a partir de hoy.

4d letters for LO SIENTO by Michael Roschach

Si ya nos gustaron MUCHO las letras en 4D de los chicos de LO SIENTO ahora que están hechas de hormigón solamente se nos puede caer aun más la baba.

Ian Strange . SUBURBAN

SUBURBAN is a multi-faceted photography, film and installation exhibition created by artist Ian Strange.


Henrique Oliveira . Baitogogo

La obra de Henrique Oliveira es simplemente espectacular y su última instalación en el Palacio de Tokyo de París, vuelve a dejarnos con la boca abierta.