Do Ho Suh ⏤ Perfect Home

Korean artist Do Ho Suh draws attention to the ways viewers occupy and inhabit public space. Interested in the malleability of space in both its physical and metaphorical manifestations, Suh constructs site-specific installations that question the boundaries of identity. His work explores the relation between individuality, collectivity and anonymity. This film shows some of Suh’s artworks displayed in the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. The exhibition was titled PERFECT HOME.

Evan Hecox

La obra en técnica mixta del artista Evan Hecox.

Cabin in the forest

Architectural concept by Tomek Michalski. The vision of the place to clear one’s head targeted at the individuals who need rest, seclusion from other people, the world and daily life. A cold, misty forest in the context of a warm space of seclusion is supposed to help and shape character, as well as invoke emotions and willingness to ponder. Both the building itself and the interiors will be designed to affect the flora and fauna as little as possible.


Kinetic light sculpture by Tundra collective.

Drew Leshko

Drew Leshko is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based artist. By carving, cutting, and layering varieties of paper and wood, Leshko creates documentary studies of architecture from his neighborhood in an attempt to create a three dimensional archive of buildings that are in transitional periods. The work examines gentrification and history, how historical relevance is determined, and most importantly, what is worth preserving.



A collection of paper cut-out models representing brutalist architecture of London from 1960s-1970s. The series features various buildings scattered around the districts of Camden, Southwark and Tower Hamlet. The “raw concrete” London tour begins with iconic tower blocks (Balfron Tower and Space House), leads through council estates doomed to premature demolition (Robin Hood Gardens and Aylesbury Estate) and concludes with a classic prefab panel block (Ledbury Estate).

Sanctum . Ely Cathedral “Lady Chapel”

An architectural sketch by Felix Faire that became an inhabitable online space of peace and contemplation.

Playgrounds Titles 2014

Amazing titles directed by bif for the Playgrounds International Digital Arts Festival.

Roos van Dijk

La arquitectura moderna representada por la artista Roos van Dijk.

Diego Delgado Elias

Las joyas que todo arquitecto/a querrá.


Los fantásticos graffitis del artista francés ZOER CSX.


Dean Monogenis

Los paisajes y las arquitecturas interpretadas por el pintor Dean Monogenis.

Mathew Borrett

Los laberintos tridimensionales dibujados por Mathew Borrett.

Stasi Gefängnis

Las fotografías de la prisión abandonada de Stasi, Berlín, hechas por el fotógrafo Philipp Lohöfener.

Vulkan Beehive

Los chicos noruegos del estudio arquitectura y diseño Snøhetta han creado unas llamativas y geométricas colmenas.


Photographic installation by Renate Buser at the Bellelay Abbey Foundation.


Cardboard sculpture by Nina Lindgren.



From his early childhood, Simmonds was fascinated by stone buildings, an affection that flows into his artworks, where stone architecture is used as a central theme. Particularly the medieval architecture, with its striving to get to a new sophistication of space, comes alive in the marble. Simmonds makes a play of architecture and ornamentation on a small scale, but the spaces created give the same feeling as in the buildings themselves; a place to rest, a place to travel with the eye and maybe find a moment of tranquillity. The marble is opened up, and inside is a space within a building that only exists in the viewer’s mind. What you sense is the significance of space.

Jonathan Koshi

Las puertas dibujadas a grafito por Jonathan Koshi.

Geometrías compartidas . Barcelona – Santiago de Chile

La obra de la artista chilena María Aparicio Puentes que mezcla en sus collages arquitectura y figuras geométricas bordadas.


ScanLAB Projects are the UK’s leading provider of large scale 3D scanning, capturing precise, beautiful digital replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events.


Las increíbles ciudades dibujados hasta el más mínimo detalle por Ben Sack.

Chameleon Cabin

This corrugated paper cabin designed by architect Mattias Lind is printed to resemble black marble on one side of the folds and white marble on the other so it looks different from either.

LANDED by Ian Strange

Impresionante instalación de Ian Strange para la Bienal de Arte 2014 de Australia.

Tran Nguyen

Las bonitas gigantas de Tran Nguyen.

Roxy Paine

El artista Roxy Paine lleva los dioramas a otro nivel. Si la sala de control a tamaño real, con todos los detalles posibles es espectacular, el restaurante de comida rápida hecho al 100% de madera nos deja sin palabras. Bestial.

Walking City

Architecture + Evolution + Movement

Referencing the utopian visions of 1960’s architecture practice Archigram, Walking City is a slowly evolving video sculpture. The language of materials and patterns seen in radical architecture transform as the nomadic city walks endlessly, adapting to the environments she encounters.

Patric Dreier

Los volátiles montajes fotográficos de Patric Dreier.

Víctor Enrich

A mixed media of real life architecture photography and advanced computer graphic techinques.

The ships that sail through the clouds

Every now and then it happens that ships are so light that they begin to sail through the clouds. An account of the poetic work of Luigi Prina.