Evelyn Bracklow

Fear, disgust, fascination and admiration. This very interplay of feelings constitutes the charm of the Evelyn Bracklow work.

Saskia Roberts

Saskia Roberts is a womenswear fashion and accessories designer, and recent graduate of Kingston University London, finishing with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design. Saskia thrives in a creative working environment, with an enthusiastic and motivated approach, and a keen eye for detail. With a particular interest in craft and textiles, Saskia aims to create wearable garments that are exciting on both a tactile and visual level, combined with an essence of the ‘hand-crafted’ and ‘hand-finished’. Saskia is also an enthusiastic accessories designer, and for her final collection designed a series of ceramic cuffs, terracotta bags and moulded fabric clutches to accompany and enhance her collection looks, as well as stand alone as objects.

EL TRIO by Sebastián Lara + Roberto Sedano

Esta serie de floreros fabricados en cerámica esmaltada, están inspirados en los tradicionales tríos de música mexicana. Su estética refleja la esencia, aspecto y personalidad de cada uno de los integrantes de alguna de esta agrupaciones. Donde encontramos al simpático gordito, seguido del vocalista fortachón líder de la banda y en la retaguardia al tímido y delgado guitarrista. Como una abstracción de la vestimenta de estas agrupaciones que se conforma de saco y corbatín. Las piezas cerámicas presentan un corte distintivo en la parte frontal.


Lindsey Hampton is a Vancouver based multidisciplinary artist and designer.



Las geniales piezas de cerámica de Cody Hoyt.


Los bustos de cerámica de la artista Mélanie Bourget.



Las bonitas cerámicas de la ilustradora y diseñadora de patrones neoyorkina Leah Reena Goren.



Designed by Martín Azúa and made with the collaboration of the ceramist Marc Vidal.



Las orgánicas piezas de porcelana hechas por Hitomi Hosono.


A solution to food presentation monotony; a modular tray with 20 individual magnetised compartments that can be mixed and matched together, resulting in the perfect formation for any given meal.


Keramos is a modular container with a ceramic shell which makes it immediately recognizable, and which reminds us of the terracotta jars, par excellence containers in human history, which preserved over time their contents. Keramos is a special, not ordinary, piece of furniture, container of precious things which needs to be preserved more than contained.

Jose A Roda

Amor absoluto a todos los diseños que crea Jose A Roda.

“Procedure room” by Nikita Kadan

This project is about police torture, a widespread practice in contemporary Ukraine.


Si ya nos gustaban muchísimo las anteriores figuritas de Jessica Harrison más nos gusta su nueva colección “Flash” y sus clásicas mujercitas de cerámica tatuadas.

Kintsugi . The Art of Broken Pieces

Kintsugi is the craft in which chipped, cracked or broken ceramic pieces are repaired using a combination of urushi (lacquer) and rice glue. This process inadvertently results in a decoration, the form of which is dictated by the breakage the piece has suffered. Powdered gold is usually applied to the repaired patch or seam before the urushi has set, although less embellished repairs can be made by using urushi alone, materials used do vary. Kintsugi can also be applied to glass. Larger repairs are sometimes enhanced by the later application of decorative patterns or illustrations painted with urushi or a fine grade of powdered metal, in a technique known as maki-e.


Monos voladores, ovnis, robots y monstruos marinos son parte de los geniales diseños de los platos Calamityware creados por Don Moyer.

Ria Leigh

Ria Leigh is a textile and ceramic artist whose work focuses on form, function, and color. Her work is situated within a matrilineal succession of makers and is influenced by her research on ancient cultural iconography, esoteric symbolism, pioneer practicality & Bauhaus ideology.

Katharine Morling

Las curiosas esculturas en cerámica de la artista Katharine Morling que simulan ser bidimensionales.

Ceramic Flask by Misc. Goods Co.

The Ceramic Flask is a newly designed drinking flask made with quarter inch ceramic white slip cast and accented with 2 leather straps, brass stud and brass button.


La bonita cerámica de Lydia de la Piñera.

Angel Oloshove . Ceramics

New Spring 2014

Pia Wüstenberg . Tale of Two Halves

Los jarrones que mezclan cristal, cerámica y madera de Pia Wüstenberg son espectaculares, pero lo es mucho más poder ver cómo los hace. Sin duda de los mejores vídeos de making of que he puesto nunca.

STEREOTYPISM by Casalinghe di Tokyo

STEREOTYPISM is the new line of dishes from Casalinghe di Tokyo. The graphics are handled by Basik and Martina Merlini. The gestural expressiveness is at the base of the collection illustrated in a minimal and graphic key.

Rimma Tchilingarian

Los preciosos jarrones de porcelana de Rimma Tchilingarian.


mpgmb is Marie-Pier Guilmain and Maud Beauchamp’s new joint venture. Based in Montréal, Canada, mpgmb embraces a multidisciplinary approach to design, extracting and fusing ideas from a wide range of sources. The duo does not deliberately forge references; instead, it uses these to develop its own language.

MISMAAKT by Natasja Lauwers

MISMAAKT es una serie de jarrones de cerámica hechos a mano inspirados en la belleza imperfecta de la naturaleza.

The Haas Brothers

Los espectaculares diseños de los hermanos Nikolai y Simon Haas.


A multiuse container/table center-piece, made by raw granite stone and ceramic by Giulio Parini.

Laura Bird

Las divertidas cerámicas de Laura Bird.

Helen Levi

As a deeper appreciation and understanding of craftsmanship continues to permeate our culture, it becomes more and more challenging as a consumer to identify value—something that is now more often about personal appeal, rather than price. When holding a handmade item, we relate to the energy, creativity and effort that went into making it, all three of which are evident in the work of ceramicist Helen Levi.