Each other

Written, directed & animated by Lee kyu-tae.

Trifling Habits

Directed and animated by Sarina Nihei.


Otra maravilla dirigida por Pablo Larcuen.


16th Festival International of Short Film and Animation of Barcelona.

My body’s a zombie for you

A film by Guim Tió.

The Human Elephant – Fishing for Souls

Curioso a la par que bonito corto/videoclip para el grupo berlinés The Human Elephant.

La Huida

Impresionante corto escrito y dirigido por Víctor Carrey.

American Autumn

Durante el transcurso de una cena íntima, dos parejas en sus cuarenta, reciben la inesperada visita de un amigo que pondrá todo su mundo patas arriba.

American Autumn habla en tono de melodrama surrealista sobre esas pequeñas catástrofes cotidianas que siempre amenazan la apacible vida de la burguesía.

Tavistock 516 by Alberto Mielgo

Un pequeño corto de animación simplemente genial, como todo lo que crea Alberto Mielgo.


Pura poesía visual de Mato Atom en un impresionante y crítico corto.

Real Life Exp.

Todo lo que hace Kristoffer Borgli me gusta, me encanta y con este corto no iba a ser diferente. Simplemente precioso.

From I to I

Set in China, ‘From I to I‘ combines animation and film to stretch and warp the paradigms of the spoken word in cinema. The viewer is lead from a solid cinematic format into a devolution of shapes and sounds that gradually collapse into static images and crusty loops.

The use of different forms of visual stimulation and progressive soundscapes in a foreign environment serve as a new form of communication, leaving the viewer to take as much as they please.


A short film by Beakus director Mr. Binns. It’s a disturbing look at agoraphobia, and the panic that builds inside someone who can’t even leave their own home through irrational fear of the outside world. Dark and foreboding, the film uses some clever and complex 3D rendering techniques to literally break apart the character’s body – bringing his internal fears to the surface.

Flying Lotus – Tiny Tortures

De esos videoclips con los que disfruto más con el making of que con el resultado. Sin desmerecer el vídeo.

Hors d’oeuvre by Monica Menez

Con saber que es el “Best Art Direction” del ASVOFF 5 Award 2012 escribir nada más es tontería, verdad?

Precioso es poco.


Animation, 6min
Written & Directed/ Animation: Lee kyu-tae
Sound design: Gwon young-hwan
Music: Shin hyun-mo


Wandering a dark forest, a solitary creature encounters something unknown with only curiosity to lead the way.

DECORATION by Ben Wheele

An elegant vase inhabits the body of a young girl, and re-stages an event from her childhood using living tissue. A sci-fi Baroque fairy tale, literally dripping with misanthropic venom…

Morphē Short Film for Aēsop

Having recognised a kindred sensibility in McRae’s provocative work, Australian skincare brand Aēsop commissioned her to conceive a short film to coincide with their website relaunch. ‘Morphē’ playfully presages a new juncture for science and beauty, transforming an old Amsterdam church into a meticulously ordered space that references Aesop’s own laboratory. Here, a painstaking Scientist employs an assortment of gels, liquids, and weird contraptions to minister arcane beauty treatments to a sleeping Muse. At the edge of this world, the skin and hair play key roles for the female specimen fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a new kind of super-sensory beauty treatment.

McRae describes her film inspired chiefly by nineteenth-century scientist and philosopher Hermann von Helmholtz, and his revolutionary research on human perception: ‘Everything’, wrote Helmholtz, ‘is an event on the skin’. ‘I wanted to suggest a journey inside a world beyond skin care, one that involves farther realms of perception within the sensory landscape of the human body. The skin and hair play key roles for the female specimen fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of a new kind of super-sensory beauty treatment.

J’aurai Ta Peau

Que el protagonista de este corto sea algo tan normal, tan familiar como la piel y que estos chicos consigan sorprenderte transformándola en algo abstracto, poético, salvaje, perturbador, hermoso y a momentos desagradable… Casi nada.


Neta Cohen graduation film for the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem, 2012.

The Writer

Siempre hay una manera nueva, distinta, original de contar una historia.

“The Writer” tells the story of Pedro, a young cowboy who defies the writer of the short film.

PASSION PIT . I’ll Be Alright

A heart broken museum security guard sees reality shift after abusing his medication, bringing him back to a glorified vision of his past love.

Each piece of art suddenly takes part in illustrating the love cycle surrounding him. From the triangle symbolizing Seduction (Gold), to the Fiery Passion that consumes a relationship (Yellow), the entangled and complicated Break Up (Red, Dynamite), ending up with the hopeful and healing Rebirth ( Green).


Ganas urgentes de ir al súper. ¿Necesitáis algo? No prometo que vuestro pedido llegue entero…


A short film retelling Titian’s Metamorphosis for The National Gallery, London.


Superdreamer o cuando el low poly se convierte en obra de arte. Y si, mi obsesión con este tipo de 3D me pierde, pero pasen y vean…


24 year old Adam is having his eyes tested at the optometrist for the first time. As the eye-chart blurs in front of him, he is struck by the memory of a high school English class when he cruelly mocked a shortsighted classmate, Jenny “Bat Eyes” Barrett.

BAT EYES explores the awkward confusion of first love/sex; how language — particularly poetry — can add meaning to everyday non-poetic life; and the power of a moment to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Parasite Choi

PARASITE CHOI is a collaborative project including more than 15 digital artists from 10 countries all around the world.

This movie was premiered in Offf festival 2012.

OFFF Barcelona 2012 Main Titles

One of the hottest moment at OFFF Barcelona 2012 should definitively be the Brosmind and Upper First conference where they showed us the OFFF Barcelona 2012 Main Titles.

Brosmind and Upper First redefined the format, mixing cinema, illustration and 2D/3D animation with paper, adding to their highly anticipated video a double-feature comic book that was given for free, alongside plastic masks with the face of the characters, to a crowd that enjoyed all the presentation feeling that they were the real protagonists of the party.

¿Te vas?

¿Qué se esconde tras todos esos cuentos de dragones, príncipes y princesas?

Érase una vez… la realidad.