Copenhagen by VIFA

Loudspeakers for anyone who values exclusive Nordic design and authentic sound.

Spike Chair by Alexander Lervik

The Spike chair is unique in shape. The seat and seat back are fashioned from a number of rods, like a bed of nails, which collectively mimic the curve of a body. The base of the chair is made of tubular steel, welded together with a three-millimetre steel base plate. The upper section is made of turned ash components.

Creative Routines

How do creatives – composers, painters, writers, scientists, philosophers – find the time to produce their opus? Mason Currey investigated the rigid Daily Rituals that hundreds of creatives practiced in order to carve out time, every day, to work their craft. Some kept to the same disciplined regimen for decades while others locked in patterns only while working on specific works.

Rock Band Icons

Genial tributo a algunas de las más famosas “rock bands” en forma de iconos diseñados por los chicos de Tata&Friends.

The Sound of Taste . Feel Flavour

Herb & Spice brand Schwartz is all about flavour. But how do you dramatise flavour when flavour is invisible and silent?

Simple: make it possible for people to see, hear and feel it. Print Tech collective, Novalia and ad agency Grey London have collaborated on an interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.


Un sofá único diseñado por Gaetano Pesce.


The ONYX sofa is a 3 metre long seat made of carbon fibre and Volvic volcanic lava stone. It is the first in a line of made to measure furniture designed by Pierre Gimbergues.

Børk No.1

Børk No.1 is the work of the multidisciplinary creative studio Børk, a collaboration of visual and product designers. Each of the four blankets is the work of an individual graphic designer.

Apollo light by Lucie Koldová

Beam of light coming from a source hidden in marble head. Light is bouncing back from a marble plate which is also a tilted base of the light sculpture. Combination of clear glass and marble.

Standing Bowl by Fort Standard

These sand cast Aluminum bowls are elevated off the table surface by their architecturally inspired planar legs. Makes an ideal center piece or fruit bowl.


A multiuse container/table center-piece, made by raw granite stone and ceramic by Giulio Parini.


Halfbike is a new kind of personal vehicle that brings joy back to urban mobility. Its combination of cycling and smooth assisted running provides a remarkably quick and fun way to move around the city. Halfbike is suitable for commuting short distances and small enough to take onboard public transport for longer trips. It’s great for both recreation and exercise. It is light and compact and its innovative rider position gives you a new perspective on the city. The pure joy of riding that it brings will motivate you to go out and have some fun. Just feel the ride and follow your body.

Glasser x Totokaelo

A short film collaboration between Glasser and Totokaelo.

ham cruise

No sé quien está detrás del tumblr ham cruise (es japonés/a, algo es algo) pero sus locuras/dibujos son absolutamente geniales.

Primary Fluorescents

By OS ∆ OOS. Three fluorescent lights built around a cell structure creating flexible connections, allowing for a different definition of precision. Water jet cut pieces ensure exact shapes but connections with the glass tubes can be free formed.


A new kind of music instrument.

Ghostcube by Erik Åberg

Origami llevado a otro nivel por el sueco Erik Åberg.


A fruitful combination between glass and textile. Innesti, is the italian word for grafting, a botanic technique used to join tissue from one plant with another, with the purpose of creating new varieties. Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri in their collaborative project, developed unique pieces that are mixtures of two very different materials: glass and textile. The outcomes combine contrasting properties: the hardness, fragility and coldness of glass, with the softness, coziness and warmness of textile.

Peter Judson

Las preciosas formaciones geométricas del ilustrador Peter Judson.

Lustre Gabriel – Château de Versailles

The Gabriel Chandelier is the first permanent contemporary piece installed in the Palace of Versailles and realized by Swarovski.

“Twisted Objects” by Ill-Studio

The parisian collective Ill-Studio shares its irreverent ode to design.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Los increíbles diseños del estudio neoyorquino Chen Chen & Kai Williams.


mio karo /

Fine rugs and wall hangings inspired by traditional motifs and hand made in Sardinia.

Six-Pack-O-Kubb by Lumburr

Kubb is a traditional Swedish game that, put simply, involves throwing pieces of wood at other pieces of wood. It’s along the same lines of bocce and horseshoes. It’s great fun and generally involves beer drinking and trash talking.

The Six-Pack-O-Kubb is a re-design of the Swedish classic. More compact and lighter weight, it can be carried around town by bike or by hand. Everything fits neatly together to save space – the handle of the case is even used as one of the playing pieces. And it just so happens that it’s about the same size as the very familiar six-pack of beer.

You Did Good

An award for the 2014 British Animation Awards (BAA) designed and made by Eamonn O’Neill. The brief was to incorporate the letters BAA and a sheep.



Animation which shows typography evolution from paper to screen by Thibault de Fournas.


Rendez-wood? is a series of projects realized by third year students in the Product Design Department of Iceland Academy of the Arts (IAA).

Higby by Wolff Olins

A gentle reminder of what matters.

Una sencilla, divertida y bonita manera de obligarnos a desconectar de nuestros teléfonos.

Poquito Wood Wallet

Para los amantes de las carteras “minimalistas” los chicos australianos de MADERA han creado Poquito Wood Wallet. Un mini billetero, tarjetero y hasta tiene un hueco especial para usarlo de monedero!

Mini billeteros de cuero cero, billetero de madera Poquito uno.


World’s first bluetooth gramophone.