Zaria Forman draws large scale pastels that document Earth’s shifting landscape and the effects of progressive climate change.

Craig Frazier – Illustrator and Storyteller

Noted illustrator Craig Frazier discusses his approach to the art of storytelling.


A film about Britain’s greatest living photographer – David Bailey.


Yayoi Kusama . Obsesión infinita

Genial entrevista que le hace Philip Larratt-Smith, ex curador de MALBA (Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires) a la aun más genial Yayoi Kusama.

The Secret Story of TOYS

No hay palabras para definir la admiración que les tengo a estos increíbles y talentosos artistas que se dedican a crear las figuritas de colección o juguetes, de películas, series, cómics, videojuegos, etc.

¿Para cuando un máster o cursos o ALGO para aprender a modelar así?

Katie Scott

El bonito estilo científico vintage en los dibujos de Katie Scott.

The Innovator . Mike Friton

Mike Friton is a freelance shoemaker, weaver, paper sculptor and innovator with over 30 years of experience at Nike. His innovations are responsible for many elements of athletic footwear that people wear today. Each of his crafts informs one another and he is constantly exploring the fringes of his field. Mike’s work is a great example of how non-traditional methods of exploring one’s craft can lead to unique end results.

Miss Van Sao Paulo

Siempre es un gustazo ver a Miss Van en acción.

Milton Glaser

Shhh! A escuchar todos a Milton Glaser.

Matt Pyke

As the founder and creative director of Universal Everything, Matt Pyke leads a creative mission to create gorgeous visual spectacles on screen that, while they will never be attained in physical reality, reinterpret the nuances of natural human motion.

Maja Ruznic

Es todo un lujo poder ver pintar a Maja Ruznic sus tan personales retratos.

Ron English

Siempre es un gusto ver este tipo de entrevistas para conocer un poco más a artistazos como Ron English.

Pieter Van Eenoge

Pieter Van Eenoge was born in 1976 in Bruges, Belgium, but did spent his childhood in Cologne, Germany. In 1999 he graduated from Sint-Lucas Ghent and started as an independent illustrator a year later. Since then he has made illustrations for magazines, editors, posters and advertising and took part in numerous exhibitions. Pieter now lives in Bruges with his wife, two sons and a cat.

Jon Contino

As a New York native, Jon Contino has been under the influence of corporate mass marketing and inspirational street art since his first breath. Not surprisingly, he has garnered considerable attention for his unique approach to design utilizing hand-drawn lettering and typographic illustration in conjunction with a modern, yet minimalistic sensibility.

Max Capacity . Net Necromancer

Who is this internet necromancer communing with the ghosts of media past? Between his broken VHS tapes and hacked Nintendo games, Max Capacity conducts a staticky stream of pop culture imagery from the past with the verve of the digital now. Anything is fair game — from 80s TV commercials to FBI warnings, the Santa Cruz native even makes TV static entirely his own.

But how to define his work: video art? Digital art? Net art? Sure, he makes animated GIFs but calling him a “.GIF artist” ignores how much work he does with multiple camcorders, VCRs, and home-brewed glitch tech. Each image represents a huge amount of labor — digital and physical — and how to represent that in a categorical description presents a unique challenge.

Jim Power and the Mosaic Trail

Jim Power, also known as the Mosaic Man, has been adorning the lampposts of New York City’s East Village for almost thirty years. After giving up his union carpenter job, Jim began beautifying the once rough and tumble neighborhood, supported solely by the donations he received on the streets. His work eventually came to be known as the Mosaic Trail — eighty lampposts covered in mosaics representing significant areas and people of the East Village.

Bill Fick . Controlling the Monster

Los linograbados de monstruos de Bill Fick son una autentica pasada y verle trabajar de principio a fin, es un autentico placer.

Chris Milk: The Treachery of Sanctuary

Director Chris Milk is a pioneer of interactive experiences, whether they live on the web like The Wilderness Downtown and Rome: 3 Dreams of Black, or in real life like Arcade Fire’s Coachella 2011 performance Summer Into Dust. Milks’ latest project The Treachery of Sanctuary debuted at The Creators Project: San Francisco 2012 and will be traveling the world to all our 2012 events.

Jägermeister by Finerats

Genial colaboración de Finerats con Jägermeister para crear una edición limitada de pegatinas en las que participan tres artistazos: Edjinn, Grito y Rotor.

Conectando Visionarios #6 . Espadaysantacruz, Diana Kunst y Rafafans

Mi adicción a “Conectando Visionarios” ya es incurable. En esta última entrega entrevistan a Espadaysantacruz, Diana Kunst y a Rafafans. Y si, siempre nos dejan ganas de más! ¿Para cuando una versión de hora y media?