Ghost In The Machine (blood robot selfie)

Artist, Ted Lawson, creates a life-sized self-portrait drawing, in his own blood, using a robot.


Un poético y modernizado concepto de las jaulas para pajaritos, ahora para iPhones.


Decorating the streets of London with GIFs.



Add stunning 3D effects to your photos with real-time shadows and reflections. Export your creations as photos or video loops.


The revolutionary way to display art.


Featuring San Francisco Ballet principal dancers Maria Kochetkova and Joan Boada, “Francesca Da Rimini” is an experiment using a robotically controlled camera to capture ballet. Ballet meets robotics.

THE CLOUD by Richard Clarkson

The Cloud is an interactive lamp and speaker system, designed to mimic a thundercloud in both appearance and entertainment. Using motion sensors the cloud detects a user’s presence and creates a unique lightning and thunder show dictated by their movement. The system features a powerful speaker system from which the user can stream music via any Bluetooth compatible device. Using color-changing lights the cloud is able to adapt to the desired lighting color and brightness. The cloud also has alternative modes such as a nightlight and music reactive mode.



The Grovemade Wood Watch, designed in collaboration with Stefan Andrén, is timekeeping evolved. Look at your smartphone less when you wear this revolutionary watch built from premium American hardwoods. We know you’ve got the exact time in your pocket, along with a whole universe of facts. The Wood Watch doesn’t try to replace your smartphone; it offers another way to experience time.


A design object that shows the advantages of a digital publication.


The OON is a new type of multi-outlet power cord for living. Combining logical function and thoughtful design, it beautifully organizes plugs and blocky adapters that are ubiquitous in our lives. Three electrical sockets designed to flex and rotate conform to different situations, allowing for all connections to be utilized and organized. Deliberately crafted, details in wood, metal, plastic and fiber compliment and complete one another.


Dot 2 Dot . 3D Drawing App

Dot2Dot is a 3D drawing app that lets you collaborate with as many users as you choose.

The app utilizes the motion sensors of your smart phone for 3D sketching and exploring together on multiple screens, breaking the physical barrier of the 2d canvas.


Qleek puts your favorite music playlists, TV Shows and photofeeds where you and your friends can easily see, share and play them.

CLIC WOODEN by Native Union

The NATIVE UNION design lab have created the CLIC Wooden, a handcrafted iPhone 5/5s case engineered with a combination of artistry and precision. Breaking away from conventional design, the CLIC Wooden case combines natural materials with an accent of colour. Each case is handmade from solid cherry wood providing a unique wood grain, giving each case it’s own individual flair.

SpaceWolf ltd.

Pósters brutales hechos con láser sobre madera. Quiero el de True Detective y Game of Thrones YA. Y el de Frankenstein, el de Dune, el de Godzilla y el de Alien…


Monos voladores, ovnis, robots y monstruos marinos son parte de los geniales diseños de los platos Calamityware creados por Don Moyer.


Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo

Ipad digital finger painting by Jaime Sanjuan Ocabo.

Relics of Technology by Jim Golden

Nostálgico recopilatorio con algunas reliquias tecnologícas de hace “dos días” en las preciosas y siempre cuidadísimas fotografías de Jim Golden.

Grovemade Wood Sleeve for iPad & Macbook

This handcrafted wood veneer sleeve has geometric contouring, premium German wool lining, and a leather and brass pull strap to remove your device without grabbing or tugging. Organic textures protect your hardware from bumps and scratches on the go.


Totalmente enamorado de las fundas y soportes en madera que hacen los chicos de Grovemade.

Herb by Burak Kocak

Un sofá bonito con su lámpara, estanterías, un enchufe propio para nuestros queridos gadgets y hasta tiene para poner una maceta con una planta? Compro.


Empiezan a hacerse cosas muy bestias con las impresoras 3D.

Copenhagen by VIFA

Loudspeakers for anyone who values exclusive Nordic design and authentic sound.

The Sound of Taste . Feel Flavour

Herb & Spice brand Schwartz is all about flavour. But how do you dramatise flavour when flavour is invisible and silent?

Simple: make it possible for people to see, hear and feel it. Print Tech collective, Novalia and ad agency Grey London have collaborated on an interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.

THEO JANSEN . 3D printed Strandbeests

Era de esperar que Theo Jansen empezara a jugar algún día con las impresoras 3D para hacer sus esculturas cinéticas, las geniales “Strandbeest”, y ese día ha llegado.


illucia is a patchbay controller by chris novello. It lets you use physical cables to connect things like videogames, music software, text editors, synthesizers, and more. It has a free suite of interconnectable games and software, plus it speaks OSC so it works with many existing programs.

The Coruscant Tapestry

Un tapiz de 10 metros hecho a punto de cruz representando toda la saga de Star Wars, del episodio 1 al 6. Internet no dejará de sorprendernos nunca.


A new kind of music instrument.

Autonomous Machines by Echo Yang

The current popularity of generative design processes in which designers use algorithms to create a variety of different outcomes, instead of focussing on one, definitive result is closely linked to the use of digital design tools. This development has changed our perception of design as the creation of the single author. What could happen when the approach fostered by digital generative designers would be applied to an analogue world? A world in which obsolete machines like hand-powered alarm clocks, walkman and mechanical toys take centre stage?

Empire Peaks by Mike Leavitt

Las locas fuguritas de Mike Leavitt son siempre espectaculares, todas ellas, pero el mix que hace en la colección “Empire Peaks” se supera.

Os pongo la lista completa de los ultra-combos brutales que hace Leavitt,. Personajes de actualidad con algunos de los protagonistas de Star Wars: Che Guevara + Boba Fett, Chewbacca + Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein + R2-D2, Yoda + Mahatma Gandhi, Han Solo + Abraham Lincoln, Kim Jong + Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia + Angelina Jolie, C3PO + Steve Jobs, Stormtrooper + Hillary Clinton, Martin Luther King + Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi + Mandela, Ewok + Michael Jackson, Lando Calrissian + Barack Obama, Queen Amidala + Oprah Winfrey, Darth Maul + Mike Tyson, Sarah Palin + Emperor Palpatine, Aung San Suu Kyi + Princess Leia.

Higby by Wolff Olins

A gentle reminder of what matters.

Una sencilla, divertida y bonita manera de obligarnos a desconectar de nuestros teléfonos.