Empiezan a hacerse cosas muy bestias con las impresoras 3D.

Copenhagen by VIFA

Loudspeakers for anyone who values exclusive Nordic design and authentic sound.

The Sound of Taste . Feel Flavour

Herb & Spice brand Schwartz is all about flavour. But how do you dramatise flavour when flavour is invisible and silent?

Simple: make it possible for people to see, hear and feel it. Print Tech collective, Novalia and ad agency Grey London have collaborated on an interactive poster that uses innovative ‘touch sensitive’ inks to turn the surface area of the paper into an interactive interface.

THEO JANSEN . 3D printed Strandbeests

Era de esperar que Theo Jansen empezara a jugar algún día con las impresoras 3D para hacer sus esculturas cinéticas, las geniales “Strandbeest”, y ese día ha llegado.


illucia is a patchbay controller by chris novello. It lets you use physical cables to connect things like videogames, music software, text editors, synthesizers, and more. It has a free suite of interconnectable games and software, plus it speaks OSC so it works with many existing programs.

The Coruscant Tapestry

Un tapiz de 10 metros hecho a punto de cruz representando toda la saga de Star Wars, del episodio 1 al 6. Internet no dejará de sorprendernos nunca.


A new kind of music instrument.

Autonomous Machines by Echo Yang

The current popularity of generative design processes in which designers use algorithms to create a variety of different outcomes, instead of focussing on one, definitive result is closely linked to the use of digital design tools. This development has changed our perception of design as the creation of the single author. What could happen when the approach fostered by digital generative designers would be applied to an analogue world? A world in which obsolete machines like hand-powered alarm clocks, walkman and mechanical toys take centre stage?

Empire Peaks by Mike Leavitt

Las locas fuguritas de Mike Leavitt son siempre espectaculares, todas ellas, pero el mix que hace en la colección “Empire Peaks” se supera.

Os pongo la lista completa de los ultra-combos brutales que hace Leavitt,. Personajes de actualidad con algunos de los protagonistas de Star Wars: Che Guevara + Boba Fett, Chewbacca + Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein + R2-D2, Yoda + Mahatma Gandhi, Han Solo + Abraham Lincoln, Kim Jong + Jabba the Hutt, Princess Leia + Angelina Jolie, C3PO + Steve Jobs, Stormtrooper + Hillary Clinton, Martin Luther King + Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi + Mandela, Ewok + Michael Jackson, Lando Calrissian + Barack Obama, Queen Amidala + Oprah Winfrey, Darth Maul + Mike Tyson, Sarah Palin + Emperor Palpatine, Aung San Suu Kyi + Princess Leia.

Higby by Wolff Olins

A gentle reminder of what matters.

Una sencilla, divertida y bonita manera de obligarnos a desconectar de nuestros teléfonos.


World’s first bluetooth gramophone.

Megaphone | by en&is

Passive amplifier for iphone made of ceramic. the form is designed to amplify and optimize the best sound output. the amplifier is based on a thin wooden frame that allows the object to float off the table. this in order to increase the vibration of the object and to optimize the emission of sound. designed for the iPhone is perfect for listening music without headphones, for audio conference to hear the person on the phone as live voice.

The Big Chop

The Big Chop it’s a chopping board, but a very special one. It combines the beauty and hardness of dense wood with a handy iPad rest.

Shibaful iPhone Case

Hemos visto fundas de madera, de textura de mármol sobre plástico, hasta algunas simulando piel humana, galletas saladas, pizzas, hamburguesas y mil variantes raras más. Pero nos faltaba la de césped! Y no en una foto impresa sobre plástico, no no, los japoneses cuando hacen algo, lo hacen a lo bestia, imitando la hierba del Yoyogi Park de Tokyo.

Quiero dos.


P.A.C.O. is a digital loudspeaker manufactured in concrete and fir harmonic board. The body, heavy and amorphous, enhances the deepness of basses and the top in harmonic wood gives clearness to the trebles. It is a standing piece and can be placed on the desk or any other shelf. It offers wireless streaming via Bluetooth, so music from different sources (Smartphone, PC, MP3 player) can be played. Music can be controlled by gestural interface.

Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Parts is a series of graphic connectors created by Robo Faber, an autonomous drawing robot determined to reproduce.


inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way. inFORM can also interact with the physical world around it, for example moving objects on the table’s surface. Remote participants in a video conference can be displayed physically, allowing for a strong sense of presence and the ability to interact physically at a distance.

The Urbanears Plattan Pendleton Edition

Juntar el famoso estampado made in Pendleton con los bonitos auriculares Urbanears , han creado una fuerte y repentina ansiedad materialista en mi persona. Los necesito.

Rock Paper Scissors

Rock beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper, Paper beats Rock.

Rock Paper Scissors is a game played between two computers. Like in the classic game, each computer runs its own random algorithm, choosing one of the three possible items. Connected by an ethernet cable, each computer plays its hand – the winning pc gets a point.


The Cybernetic Meadow Collection

The Cybernetic Meadow Collection is a set of handmade objects that seek to reorient your relationship to consumer electronics in your home.

MusicInk . Learn the Music, Play!

Designed by Gilda Negrini & Riccardo Vendramin.

PARTICULES by Objets sans âge

A series of 4 objects, in porcelain and wood. Created partly at the Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres, France.

The Ageless Objects series defines a new typology of objects more timeless and emotional, playing both on an archaïc and technologic identity. Inspired by the several properties of porcelain both very sensual and technical , they bring a kind of gentleness to everyday life ; a way to reinterpret household products into high regard and high quality objects.

Libratone Loop . Stylish and versatile wireless speaker

The Libratone Loop is freedom of sound and versatile placement, wrapped in fine changeable Italian wool covers. Slim, stylish and wall-mountable, this circular beauty delivers attractive FullRoom audio on a variety of levels.


Pillow by Snarkitecture

Pillow is designed to provide a dedicated and memorable resting place for your phone. Appearing as a soft form molded by the weight of a phone, the impression remains fixed when the phone is removed as the folds and indentations are cast from durable white gypsum cement.

Orée . Wood + Tech + Design

Esto es trampa y diría que casi ilegal. ¿Sumar tecnología con madera, cuero y mármol? ¿Y se supone que no nos vamos a volver loquísimos y lo querremos todo?


Elephant Docks by Studio Crême

Elephant Docks is a range of wooden screenprinted iPad + iPad Mini docks. Each one is limited to an edition of 20.

Bronze Cable Holder – Kebei Li

These little casted bronze cubes are designed to prevent cables from falling from your tabletop.

Swissvoice L7

The new benchmark for home telephone design. Saying hello never looked so good.

Simon Stålenhag

Simon Stålenhag retrata un futuro raramente cotidiano por la naturalidad con la que fluye todo lo que sale en sus pinturas.

The Secret Story of TOYS

No hay palabras para definir la admiración que les tengo a estos increíbles y talentosos artistas que se dedican a crear las figuritas de colección o juguetes, de películas, series, cómics, videojuegos, etc.

¿Para cuando un máster o cursos o ALGO para aprender a modelar así?