Rebecca Gladstone is a range of hand-crafted jewellery with a strong emphasis on geometric forms.


Es obligatorio volver a repasar la obra del artista y tatuador alemán Chaim Machlev/DotsToLines y seguir alucinando con sus tatuajes.


El bonito reto del artista/diseñador 3D Michiel van den Berg de hacer una imagen al día durante un mes usando siempre la perspectiva isométrica .


Series of 3 masks by Damien Poulain commissioned by KK Outlet London (Kessels Kramer) for the search of creative minds.


Crescent Lounge is carefully composed of half round ash stock resolved into a series of balanced joints. The ash frame holds the mattress in place while the crescent headrest rises above to give the piece its distinctive profile.


Diablo is a hard-case étui/minaudière with a distinctive geometric character and luxurious two-tone leather appearance, made by Ensomono in close collaboration with renowned leather craftsman Ralph Baggaley.


A solution to food presentation monotony; a modular tray with 20 individual magnetised compartments that can be mixed and matched together, resulting in the perfect formation for any given meal.

Steve Bug . Till It’s Gone

A deranged jeunesse dorée daydream à la mode between isometric marble madness landscapes and optical illusions. The rules of this world are based on an autistic interpretation of mathematics and are sporting mud color schemes, copper slinkies, deflated silicone socks, slick flat geometries and black bulging blobs altogether dancing a blasé style.



An epic and poetic journey through a surreal world. Here is a small tribute to modern architecture, isometric video games and sci-fi literature designed and directed by Fabrice Le Nezet.



La obra del artista Marcelo Daldoce va más allá de la pintura bidimensional convencional.

Gulp . “Vast Space”

Video for “Vast Space” by Gulp. Animation by Ewan Jones Morris.

Folded Light, Folded Shadow

Using her skilled fingers as her tools, Japanese artist Yuko Nishimura transforms large, crisp, single white sheets of a special handmade paper known as kyokushi into complex geometric two and three dimensional conceptual wall reliefs.

3LEGS table collection by STUDIO NOMAD

David Tarcali, member of the Budapest-based Studio-Nomad, designed a coffee and side table collection called ‘3LEGS’. The three different types of tables are inspired by geometric patterns and architectural shapes. The name 3LEGS reflects the simplicity of how these forms work. Each table is folded from a single sheet of 3-millimeter-thick steel that gives it the characteristic abstract appearance seen from different perspectives.


Kesito is a desktop organizer that helps us to order those little objects that we always have on hand; pencils, paper clips, business cards and of course, our Smartphone. It is composed of three diamond-shaped pieces, with which we can play and form a hexagon. It is made in solid pine, two of the three pieces have a touch of color.


Oxyde Noir . Construct

A title sequence for the “OXYDE NOIR” album “Construct” by Martin Koch.

Memphis Throw

Blankets and scarves designed by Conrad Crespin.


Experimental animation about memory, emotions and loneliness by Daniel Marciniak.


Depeapa is a brand of accessories and objects illustrated and designed by Verónica de Arriba.

Jose A Roda

Amor absoluto a todos los diseños que crea Jose A Roda.


Qleek puts your favorite music playlists, TV Shows and photofeeds where you and your friends can easily see, share and play them.

Trilogy Collection

Sharp edges and sleek touches are the key inspiration and theme of this collection by Clean Everything.

David Rice

Las profundas y salvajes miradas pintadas por David Rice de XPLR studios.

Geometrías compartidas . Barcelona – Santiago de Chile

La obra de la artista chilena María Aparicio Puentes que mezcla en sus collages arquitectura y figuras geométricas bordadas.

Lo/Rez by Sruli Recht

La moda low poly del diseñador islandés Sruli Recht.

Kaleidoscopic by Maria Baoli

La preciosa manera de viajar a dos dimensiones a la vez a través de un simple espejo triangular.

Grovemade Wood Sleeve for iPad & Macbook

This handcrafted wood veneer sleeve has geometric contouring, premium German wool lining, and a leather and brass pull strap to remove your device without grabbing or tugging. Organic textures protect your hardware from bumps and scratches on the go.

Wardrobe by Studio Rene Siebum

A research exploring the dynamics in geometry, resulting in an system that allows an endless repetition of itself in size and form. The object is constructed of hexagonal blocks and transforms a Wall into a Wardrobe or can be built up as a separate space.

Wood Base Geometric Lamps

by Score + Solder.

Triangle Mirrors by Marvin Freitas

Beautiful triangle mirrors by Marvin Freitas.

Johnny Abrahams

Op-art by Johnny Abrahams.