Another Skin by Akiko Shinzato

This collection by Akiko Shinzato is a series of jewellery around the face since facial features are the most important parts to the first impression and what most people care about. It explores how simply and easily you can change your appearances with a piece of leather or crystals, and it consists of two series: Wearing makeup and Putting on someone’s identity. In the crystal series “Wearing makeup,” the wearer adopts the masked features of a painted clown. In the leather series “Putting on someone’s identity,” a wearer mixes her own facial features with that of others; whereas she looks at herself reflected in mirrors at the same time. Each piece of the collection partially hides the facial features of the wearer whilst revealing a whole other identity.

Fingertips by Natha Khunprasert

The collection revolves around the ‘Fingertips’. Each piece concentrates on highlighting the significance of the body part by challenging the sensation, the movement or the function. Some designs enhance them while the other entrap them.

YQY. ArtJewel by Qian Yang

Qian Yang hace joyas a partir de figuritas rotas de porcelana reparándolas con “parches” de oro, inspirándose de la técnica japonesa llamada Kintsugi.


Coyote Negro

Handmade jewelry by Melissa Hernández.

Diego Delgado Elias

Las joyas que todo arquitecto/a querrá.

Saskia Roberts

Saskia Roberts is a womenswear fashion and accessories designer, and recent graduate of Kingston University London, finishing with a first class BA (Hons) degree in Fashion Design. Saskia thrives in a creative working environment, with an enthusiastic and motivated approach, and a keen eye for detail. With a particular interest in craft and textiles, Saskia aims to create wearable garments that are exciting on both a tactile and visual level, combined with an essence of the ‘hand-crafted’ and ‘hand-finished’. Saskia is also an enthusiastic accessories designer, and for her final collection designed a series of ceramic cuffs, terracotta bags and moulded fabric clutches to accompany and enhance her collection looks, as well as stand alone as objects.



Original colección de joyas creadas por Marcel Dunger con trozos de madera rotos y resinas de colores.


Mirja Pitkäärt is an Estonian designer based in Paris. Mirja is interested in accessories that sit between product and fashion design, using traditional as well as modern methods of manufacturing.


Rebecca Gladstone is a range of hand-crafted jewellery with a strong emphasis on geometric forms.

Outrospection . The Body and Mind

by Daniel Ramos Obregón

Ria Leigh

Ria Leigh is a textile and ceramic artist whose work focuses on form, function, and color. Her work is situated within a matrilineal succession of makers and is influenced by her research on ancient cultural iconography, esoteric symbolism, pioneer practicality & Bauhaus ideology.


Her statement pieces are easily recognized by subtle geometrical lines and lightweight elegance. Main inspiration for her work is a straight line – the basic unit of geometry found in the space.

NOMOS Glashütte

Casi decidido. En la próxima vida me pido ser relojero.

METAMORFICA . Change and Persistence

A handmade necklace collection by Studio Fludd.

Disquiet Luxurians by Emilie Grenier

How can our current austerity context inspire designs for Post-Luxury?

Rachel Boston Jewellery

Las espectaculares joyas en forma de insectos (o partes de ellos) de Rachel Boston.

Sun Kyoung Kim

Las originales joyas de Sun Kyoung Kim.


SMITH/GREY uses jewellery as a narrative medium to unlock the imagination and awaken curiosity. Their handmade objects of desire combine sophisticated design with a sense of wonder inspired by memories, stories and traditions.

Ocean Drive by Lula Says

Ocean Drive, la preciosa segunda colección de joyas de Ocean Drive.


Buttons” are an entirely new kind of fashion accessory developed by Studio Swine. Entirely detachable button covers plated in 18-Karat gold or genuine silver, a versatile fashion detail for customising and transforming everyday clothing.


Alexandra Dodds Jewellery

Impresionantes las joyas que crea Alexandra Dodds.

Becomb . Infinity Piece

What is time to you?  Time is important to all of us in so many different ways, we keep track of it, we spend it, we never know how much of it we have left.  The wristwatch was invented in the mid 1700’s & since then focused solely on functionality…until now.

BENTO! – Lucy Folk x Yukimi

Original manera de presentar las joyas de Lucy Folk.

jujumade + Brook&Lyn

Una bonita colaboración de jujumade y Brook&Lyn, para conseguir estas originales piezas de cerámica y latón.

“Piatti tipici” & “Frammenti”

by Marta Lavinia Carboni


Rodete está interesado en la función emocional de cada objeto.

Cada diseño presenta un carácter de identidad único que hace que se desarrollen historias entorno a este como el origen y los procesos del mismo, trabajando por un lado la estimulación del concepto de discurso del diseño y por otro lado la transformación de lo “inservible” en objetos de atracción.

The Awesome Project . ZURZUR

An experimental journey of a multidisciplinary creative duo, the illustrator Madalina Andronic and the designer Claudiu Stefan, through the awesome milky-silky world of porcelain, with a touch of Romanian folklore.

OVM LOVE . Bone collection

A mi el tema huesos y cerámica me puede. Júntalo, hazlo joya y ya lo tenemos todo.

The Astral Plane featuring Dree Hemingway

MANIAMANIA explore other dimensions from planet earth for their new collection ‘The Astral Plane’. Inspiration is drawn from the warped symbols and telepathic visions experienced by dreamers and astral travellers. Homage is paid to advocates of psychic and spiritual development such as The Theosophical Society established by Helena Blavatsky in 1875 and psychologist and dream analyst Carl Jung.

autoctona – nocturama

Formas geométricas primarias tales como el triángulo, el cuadrado y el circulo junto a toda la simbología de los amuletos, la magia y los rituales. Casi nada. Me encanta.